Westwinds Real Estate Website by Intagent.com

One decision in the process of deciding who to design your website is whether to go with a template, custom designer, or a company that specializes in your industry.

Intagent.com is a website development and hosting company that specializes in creating, maintaining, and hosting websites for realtors and real estate companies. In recent years, the site for Westwinds Real Estate of Iowa City was redesigned by Intagent. One of the benefits offered by Intagent is an integrated automated system that publishes listings across multiple real estate listing websites.

Below is the new front page for Westwinds Real Estate.

Click on the page below to visit Intagent and view website samples.


2 thoughts on “Westwinds Real Estate Website by Intagent.com”

  1. This looks interesting. We have a website dealing with Arizona real estate and new Arizona custom homes. I will take your suggestion into consideration. Thanks.

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