New Company Seeks Website Designers for New Site

Request for Proposals/Estimates

A new company is seeking a WEB site designer to develop a site for a new product. This site is for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (EOM which is the company). The site will be used for advertising the product and listing locations that sell the product (which will be in the range of 2-4 retailors).

The product sells itself on merits but needs to get exposure due to the unusual nature of the product. A Google ad purchase will help as will SEO work.

Thus, the main focus of the site is to present a product with a unique twist into a field with many existing sites offering traditional versions of the product. Once noticed, it sells on its own merits.

The site will rely heavily on photos of samples as well as a sample chart showing different coatings available. Good ability at photography of still objects is needed and must be figured in cost if the design company does not do that work. Most if not all of the photos will be of the product and not taken with an attractive but not elaborate (as in a home) background.

The site itself will have an opening introduction page with several photos, an “about us” page and two sections focusing on two aspects of the product. The presentation sections will be about two pages. Ability to have either a “moving picture grid” or a “zoom in” function will be required.

Links to two other internet pages on different sites will be needed. These links will be to subcontractor pages that make parts for the new product. This will allow direct viewing of different sizes/shapes of part of the product that is made by the subcontractor and offered by the OEM.

A “dealer login” page will be required. Dealer can look at stock or see new product versions as needed. Most communication beyond that will be done by phone or email since there will be very few retailors.

Domain name is owned. Development of an attractive script, font and layout is to be included in the estimated price — which can be an approximate price.

Ability to advance a site quickly is important. Quality is biggest factor by far.

Willing to take bids from one website development firm or a team project of collaborated efforts.

Contact. If interested or have questions, please contact Erling at 319-430-6730 or


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